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Professional Real Estate Photography in Las vegas of a bright and sunny living room with large staircase.

Arana Greenberg 

Client Background:

A local realty agency, specializing in luxury real estate, faced a setback when the initial photography for a multimillion-dollar home proved disappointing. Seeking a solution, realtor Arana turned to Ashley Blackmer Photography for a reshoot.

Client Challenge:

With a subpar presentation of the property and looming deadlines, Arana needed urgent rectification to maintain the property’s perceived value and attract potential buyers.

Solution with Ashley Blackmer Photography:

Ashley Blackmer Photography swiftly organized a reshoot, leveraging their expertise to capture the property’s essence and grandeur. Through meticulous planning and collaboration, they ensured the final photos aligned with Arana’s vision.


The collaboration yielded exceptional results, revitalizing the property’s online presence and driving heightened interest from buyers. The high-quality visuals showcased the property’s luxury, enhancing XYZ Realty’s reputation and marketing success.


By entrusting their luxury listing to Ashley Blackmer Photography, Arana overcame a photography setback and achieved their goal of captivating buyers. This case study underscores the impact of professional photography in maximizing real estate marketing efforts.

Ashley Blackmer

Specializes in capturing stunning branded visuals for businesses as well as property photography for real estate professionals in the Las Vegas and Los Angeles area.

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Professional Photography in Las Vegas of a kitchen remodel with light brown cabinets.

J & D Properties

Client Overview:

J & D Properties embarked on an ambitious journey to restore and renovate a historic property, with the goal of turning it into a modern, luxurious home. The company recognized the need for professional photography to showcase the transformation and attract potential buyers.

The Challenge:

After months of meticulous restoration work, J & D Properties faced the challenge of effectively marketing their newly renovated home. The modern amenities needed to be highlighted, and the team understood the importance of creating a compelling visual narrative to captivate potential buyers.

The Solution:

J & D Properties enlisted the expertise of Ashley Blackmer Photography, a renowned professional specializing in real estate photography. Ashley brought a wealth of experience and a keen eye for detail to the project, ensuring that every aspect of the property was showcased in its best light.


The collaboration between J & D Properties and Ashley Blackmer Photography proved to be instrumental in the successful marketing of the newly renovated home. The professional images and media assets significantly enhanced the property’s online presence, attracting a larger pool of interested buyers.


In the competitive real estate market, the partnership between J & D Properties and Ashley Blackmer Photography demonstrated the importance of professional photography in effectively showcasing a property’s unique features. The investment in high-quality visuals not only accelerated the selling process but also added substantial value to the property, setting it apart in the minds of potential buyers. This case study serves as a testament to the power of strategic marketing through professional photography in the real estate industry.

Professional Photography in Las Vegas of a kitchen remodel with white cabinets and black marble countertop.

Kelci Hatcher


A skilled home designer, recently completed a striking kitchen renovation project for a prestigious client. Recognizing the importance of visually capturing her work, the designer sought out Ashley Blackmer Photography, known for their expertise in architectural and interior photography.

The Treatment:

After thorough communication, emphasizing the need to showcase every detail of the newly renovated kitchen, together, they meticulously planned the shoot, focusing on optimal angles, lighting, and compositions to highlight the craftsmanship.

The Solution:

Equipped with top-tier equipment and a keen eye, Ashley Blackmer Photography executed the shoot flawlessly. Through strategic lighting and advanced techniques, they captured the essence of her design, producing breathtaking images that conveyed the sophistication and functionality of the kitchen.


The collaboration resulted in a stunning portfolio of photographs that elevated the designer’s online presence and marketing materials. The captivating images garnered attention on social media and design platforms, contributing to their success and reputation in the competitive interior design industry.

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