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Four Ways to Use Video in Personal Branding

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Humanizing Your Brand

Your profession is built on trust and relationships. To begin with, video provides a unique opportunity to showcase your authentic self. Unlike text or static images, videos allow your audience to witness your expressions, hear your voice, and observe your body language. Use video to share your journey, expertise, and passion for what you do. This fosters a deeper connection, enabling you to convey not just information, but personality!

Virtual Property Tours

I know you’ve all seen the videos that demonstrate a property’s interior and exterior highlights. It’s a great way to offer a tour of a property, but also showcase YOURSELF as an expert in what you do. This includes realtors, interior designers, and architects alike! Including yourself in these video tours is an excellent way for clients to see your authentic personality and to build those incredibly important relationships.

You’re The Expert

You’re the expert, so why not show it? Position yourself as an authority in your local market by creating videos that showcase your expertise. Discuss market trends, share insights on the buying or selling process, and provide tips for homeowners. Publishing informative videos to your website or social media regularly proves that you are a knowledgeable resource which boost your credibility and attracts clients who are seeking a well-informed realtor.

Video Testimonials

If you are able to capture a satisfied clients genuine experience with you, it will escalate once again your trustworthiness to potential clients. Video testimonials allow clients to hear firsthand about the exceptional service you provide. These testimonials can be shared via your website or social media to instill confidence in new homebuyers or other professionals.

Integrating video into your personal branding strategy is not just a trend; it’s a necessity. By unlocking the power of visual storytelling, you can create a lasting impact, connect authentically with your audience, and elevate your personal brand to new heights in the digital realm. Embrace the video revolution and witness the transformation in your personal brand’s reach and influence.

Ashley Blackmer

Specializes in capturing stunning branded visuals for businesses as well as property photography for real estate professionals in the Las Vegas and Los Angeles area.

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