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Get Rid of these Four Items in Your Real Estate Photography

Firstly, toilet paper may seem innocuous, but dangling rolls can distract potential buyers from the elegance of a bathroom. Clearing this subtle item can instantly elevate the visual aesthetics, allowing the features of the space to shine. This also includes toilet paper that is sitting on any surface in the bathroom. Clear it off, and it will deliver a much cleaner aesthetic.

Similarly, paper towels left haphazardly on kitchen countertops can create a cluttered appearance. The less clutter in real estate photos, the better. Removing them not only presents a clean and pristine kitchen but also allows prospective buyers to envision the space as their own, unencumbered by personal items.

Dish soap, although essential in a functional kitchen, can be an eyesore in real estate photography. Concealing it beneath the sink or stashing it in a cabinet opens up the visual landscape and creates an inviting atmosphere, free from everyday distractions. However, if the dish soap is stored in a more decorative container, it can add to the design of the kitchen or bathroom.

This one has to be one of the biggest pet peeves for realtors, photographers, and designers alike. Toilet seats, while seemingly mundane, play a crucial role in shaping the perception of a bathroom. Closing them before taking photographs imparts a sense of tidiness and attention to detail that resonates positively with potential buyers. No one wants to look inside a toilet seat when looking for homes.

In conclusion, the key to captivating real estate photography lies in meticulous attention to detail. By removing seemingly minor items like toilet paper, paper towels, dish soap, brooms, and toilet seats, you pave the way for a visually stunning presentation that allows the property to speak for itself, drawing buyers in with its unblemished allure.

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