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What exactly is Personal Branding?

Personal branding, a term gaining traction particularly within small business circles, encapsulates the concept of individuals marketing themselves and their careers as a brand. For small business owners, attracting the right clientele is crucial for growth and success. Your perception among your ideal clients is paramount, and while we cannot entirely control others' opinions, we can certainly influence them. This is where personal branding steps in. It serves as the blueprint for conveying the essence of your business - the WHO, WHAT, and WHY.

Personal branding delineates your identity, offerings, and target audience. It furnishes the content necessary for your marketing endeavors, facilitating the construction and maintenance of brand awareness. Fortunately, today's landscape, with platforms like Instagram, streamlines this process. Yet, it also introduces a demand for consistent, visually captivating brand narratives.

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Personal Branding Photography is...

Photography involves curating a collection of images that narrate the story of you and your personal brand. These are meticulously styled and crafted photographs that showcase not only the individuals behind the brand but also the essence of the products or services you offer. These images are authentic yet captivating, aiming to inspire your audience.

Investing in a personal branding photoshoot is a pivotal step for your business and warrants careful planning to ensure a diverse array of images that can be utilized across all your communication channels, both in print and digital formats. While headshots are a part of the package, the shoot delves deeper into portraying the experience of working with you.

Below, you'll find a selection of images from past personal branding shoots - each one as unique as the businesses they represent. You may even catch a rare glimpse into my personal branding journey because practicing what you preach is paramount!

Organizing a personal branding photography session involves meticulous consideration of factors such as location, styling, mood, and storytelling. Rest assured, I'm here to collaborate with you and devise a plan to visually bring your brand to life.

Recent Work

“I highly recommend Ashley Blackmer Photography for anyone seeking top-notch personal branding photos"

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Ashley Blackmer Photography for my real estate business’s personal branding photos, and I am BEYOND thrilled with the results!

Ashley’s professionalism and creative insight made the entire process so fun and easy. She captured the essence of my brand with stunning visuals and a keen attention to detail. Her friendly approach put me at ease during the shoot, resulting in authentic and compelling images. She truly has the gift and eye for creating fantastic photos! I highly recommend Ashley Blackmer Photography for anyone seeking top-notch personal branding photos and look forward to future collaborations with her. Thank you Ashley for bringing my real estate brand to life!”


Schedule Your Personal Brand Photoshoot

Thinking about refreshing your brand’s look? Consider scheduling a personal brand photoshoot. It’s a chance to explore and capture the essence of your professional identity in a way that speaks to your audience. Let’s collaborate on visuals that genuinely reflect you and your brand’s unique journey.

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