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Should You Deck the Halls or Pack Them Away? Holiday Real Estate Photography Do’s and Don’ts


But it’s the Holidays!

On one hand, you’ve put so much effort into a tasteful and well-coordinated holiday decor that brings a homey atmosphere to your space. It can create a welcoming ambiance, making potential buyers feel at home during viewings. Subtle touches like a wreath on the front door or string lights can add charm without overwhelming the space. A well-decorated home can tap into the emotional aspect of homebuying, helping buyers envision their own celebrations in the space.


Notice the use of the word “subtle” however. Moderation is important for this situation. Overly personalized or elaborate decorations may distract buyers from the home’s features. It’s important to consider the diversity of potential buyers and their individual traditions and beliefs. Neutral and universally appealing decor, such as wreaths, small lights, and candles ensures that the property appeals to a broad audience.

Can’t See Past It

Of course, not every buyer is the same. For some buyers, a home adorned with holiday spirit can be a selling point, while others may find it difficult to look past the decorations to assess the property’s true potential. This is why keeping the decorations to a minimum is a must. Striking a balance may involve removing decorations that are too personal or specific to a particular holiday, leaving behind a more neutral seasonal touch.

Ask the Professionals

Ultimately, the decision to keep or take down holiday decorations should be based on the target market and the overall presentation of the home. Home sellers can consult with their real estate agent to determine the best approach, taking into account local market trends and buyer preferences. The realtor can then work with the real estate photographer to discuss how to capture the space so it is not focused on the holiday decor.

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